Product Name:Animal Fence

Prairie Network (bullpen network), is to protect the ecological balance of a widely used in Europe, the Americas, to prevent landslides, livestock fence, especially in the rainy mountain nets sewn on the outside layer of sunscreen 120 grams of nylon woven blocking sediment so out of the rapid development in recent years. 

Automatic machinery production features: saving a lot of labor, reduce labor intensity, in the winding plus 2T-3T mechanical pressure flat surface, rugged precision, mesh uniform, strong integrity. Especially the use of advanced technology press a deep pressure wave 40MM 12MM wide bend between each grid, this bend known as "wave" more makes flat surface, in summer and winter large areas of climate change and to prevent expansion and contraction eased there beast hit automatic back when mesh net increase in damping force plane. 

Prairie Network (bullpen Network) drawn from the general use of hot galvanized wire, the amount of zinc is generally 60 grams -100 grams per square meter, higher requirements for wet areas, using wire 230 grams or so, recently, the region also used cold galvanizing silk production. Transverse wire, tensile 80KG - 90KG to increase the impact resistance network. Vertical wire, low carbon steel wire tensile 40KG-50KG so wrapped around the horizontal wire. (Plus 2T-3T when winding mechanical pressure to prevent vertical silk slip) Prairie Network (Kraal net) net surface flatness requirements: for every 50 meters long up and down the point of not more than one (10 square centimeters), up and down the level of non-more than 10MM. Grid about the error does not exceed 3MM, each horizontal wire mesh roll bullpen allowed to have joint. Grid breakage rate 0