Product Name:Bilateral Wire Fence

Bilateral wire fence: 

Product Specifications: 

(1) Dip wire by: 4mm 

(2) mesh: 80mm x 170mm bilateral wire 

(3) Maximum size: 2300mm x 3000mm; spot size: 1800mmx3000mm 

(4) vertical column: 48mm x 1.2mm steel dip treatment; 

(5) Accessories: rain hat connection card theft bolts; 

(6) Connection: Snap. 


1 grid structure concise beautiful and practical; 2 easy to transport, install undulating terrain without restrictions; 3 especially for the mountain, slope, bending zone highly adaptive; 4 price was relatively low for large-scale use. Main Market: Closed railway network, highways closed networks, field area fence, landscape protection, residential fence, all kinds of sports, mining school. (Other sizes according to customer requirements)