Product Name:Double Circle Fence

Double Circle Fence 

Features: up and down volume ring so that the net surface strength increased significantly, mesh by special bolts connecting piece and the net post, connected with the net post is very compact, overall good sense, vision, good stiffness, structural modeling beautiful and durable, color and diverse, play the role of both the fence, landscaping underway, the majority of customers. 

Material: cold drawn low carbon steel wire, low carbon steel wire. 

Q 235 embalmed low carbon steel wire: galvanized, hot galvanized, plastic coated and stainless steel wire. In particular plastic bag (PVC) low wire fence prices, durable. Corrosion resistance is strong, the shelf life of up to 10 years. 

Textile Features: Use cold drawn low carbon steel wire welded tubular curling into the net with mesh one, with connection accessories and steel pillars fixed. 

Uses: Can be used for decorative and protective role of highways, roads, railways, airports, factories, factories, residential area, port, municipal green spaces, garden flower beds, green space. Specifications: According to user requirements, build.





The former:Bending Fence
The latter:Bilateral Wire Fence