Product Name:Bending Fence

Bending Fence: Bending Fence Fence called triangular bending, bending the fence, bending safety net, is the quality of welding wire, sheet bending assembled after the fence. Bending an increase of aesthetics, while increasing mesh strength. 

Bending Fence Features: anti-corrosion, aging, sunscreen, high resistance, low temperature, structure concise, beautiful and practical, easy to good transportation, installation, anti-theft performance, bending fence by the small actual terrain for the mountain, slope, bending zone exceptionally strong adaptability, affordable features. 

Bending Fence Uses: mainly used in protective school, district, roads, highways, railways, bridges, airports, ports, stadiums, construction sites, parks, green spaces, closing off hills forest and other areas.





The former:Stadium Fence
The latter:Double Circle Fence