Product Name:Galvanized gabion

Galvanized gabion for a molding production, in addition to the cover, the room side panels, side panels, and floor indivisible. Length / width tolerance (± 5%) height tolerance (± 5%), internal partitions separated at intervals of one meter using a separate unit. Galvanized gabion using assembly methods, cover, side panels, side panels, floor alone produce assembled into cages, each part bundled with spiral wire winding, wire cages all the edges are made of thick wire cages to enhance the strength of gabion . Galvanized gabion good combination: easy processing and transportation, according to the design requirements tied into a variety of shapes, adapt hillside, shore beaches and dikes shape. Galvanized gabion is an eco-grid structure. Gabion high corrosion resistance, high strength, ductility low carbon steel wire or PVC coated wire above the mechanical woven gabion gabion cage is made of gabion boxes. Edge gabion wire diameter is generally greater than the cable diameter. Its double stranded portion of generally twisted. Part to ensure that the wire twisted metal plating and PVC coating from damage. 

Galvanized gabion purposes: a gabion cage control and guide the river and flood two gabion cages spillway dam and diversion dam 3 gabion mat rock fall protection four gabion cages to prevent water erosion five gabion | gabion gabion Bridge protect six solid soil structure 7 gabion seafront defense works eight gabion gabion port projects 9 | gabion gabion retaining wall 10 road protection. Galvanized gabion structure can be used for slope protection, excavation, hanging on the rock face of the mountain shotcrete slope vegetation (green), also made of gabion gabion boxes, gabion mat with in rivers, dams and seawalls to protect against erosion and reservoirs, river closure. Control and guide the river and flood: the worst disasters river water to river erosion damage, floods triggered by flooding, leading to significant loss of life and property suffered and a lot of soil erosion. So in dealing with these problems, the application gabion structures to become one of the best solutions gabion can be permanent river bank protection. Channel Canal bed: the construction of channels, involving slope stability and the riverbed. So use gabion structure, is the main method of years many natural rivers and artificial channels used by excavation. It can be played on the riverbank or riverbed effective permanent protection Gabion | Gabion controlled the flow of water and prevent water loss of function, especially in environmental protection and maintaining the water quality, with excellent effect. Revetment revetment: eco-grid applications and river bank protection structures and their toe protection is a very successful model, which give full play to the gabion | Gabion advantages, to achieve the desired effect can not be achieved in other ways.





The former:Gabion
The latter:Welded wire gabion