Product Name:Gabion

Gabion is a metal wire woven angular Network (Hexagonal) cage made of metal wire used is based on the size of hexagonal different if the metal coating metal wire, the wire diameter ranges from 2.0mm to use 4.0mm wire, if it is PVC-coated metal wire woven hexagonal, the outside diameter ranges from 3.0mm to 4.5mm of PVC (metal) wire. line the edge of the frame to use than crude One of hexagonal wire lines. 

Gabion mainly used river bank slope, embankment slope protection structures. Can prevent riverbank was water, waves invasion and destruction, but also to achieve a natural convection of water and soil under the slope between the switching function, achieve ecological balance. Slope Zhilv can add landscape greening effect.





The former:Reinforced gabion
The latter:Galvanized gabion