Product Name:Reinforced gabion

Reinforced gabion there are two, one is made of reinforced mesh gabion, the other is behind the gabion added a mesh or dragging a mesh. 

1 step up barbed wire woven mesh refers to when, in the perpendicular or parallel to the long braid to join the same material with hexagonal wire mesh wire. Tensile strength than ordinary reinforced hexagonal piece hexagonal mesh, reinforced wire diameter generally not less than edge wire diameter. Installed on the roadbed, especially when under high stress situations Zhang basis, it can absorb and weaken cracks or traffic generated by seam tensile stress value from the root. 

2 reinforced gabion cage after cage even heavy hexagonal mesh, mesh-depth as the soil reinforcement cage connection network, using friction soil and mesh to provide a stabilizing force, good environmental affinity.





The former:Renault pad
The latter:Gabion