Product Name:Renault pad

Renault pad, pad called gabion, gabion pad. Renault pad is defined by the machine knitting double twisted hexagonal wire mesh constitute thickness is much smaller than the length and width of the cushion-shaped engineering components, including the filler into the stone and other connected into one, becoming mainly used Dykes , slope, Hyman and other anti-erosion structures, with flexibility, adaptability advantages of the foundation. Renault pad is the thickness of the cage structure 0.15-0.3m (including 0.3m) of. Mainly used for river bank slope, embankment slope protection structures. Can prevent riverbank was water, waves invasion and destruction, but also to achieve a natural convection of water and soil under the slope between the switching function, achieve ecological balance. Slope Zhilv can add landscape greening effect. Renault pad by a partition into several cells, in order to enhance the strength of Renault pad structure, all of the panel side edges are used larger diameter wire. 

Renault pad Specifications Features: 

Improve the stability of the riverbed slope. 

Protect the riverbed to prevent erosion. 

Provide riparian roughness coefficient (M) of a predetermined value. 

Slope, revetment greening and ecological protection, river development and governance, involving the laying of the construction process, such as cross-section of the pad. Laying pad can be used with a permanent protective pad in the bank.





The former:Five twist gabion
The latter:Reinforced gabion