Product Name:Five twist gabion

Five twist gabion woven by the hexagonal, which has a solid structure, widely used in construction to enhance the strength of the floor and the roof, walls playground for children, but also for the production of poultry cages. Gabion system covered by high galvanized wire twisted into a PVC machine knitting, re continuity links into a flexible structure, and placed in the specified location, filling five stone and anchored securely screwed gabion weaving can save a lot of mechanical work , assembly simple and quick. This construction method is suitable for high flow, erosion is serious, much of the slow seepage slope riverbank. Five genera twist gabion flexible structure, self-adjustment for uneven subsidence resistance. Shore surface porosity, the gap between the stone animal habitat conducive to plant growth, above the waterline plane can take advantage of new soil gabion bag of green vegetation in line with ecological considerations and safety requirements. Five pinch spent gabion is a metal wire woven angular Network (Hexagonal) cage made of metal wire used is based on the size of hexagonal different if the metal coating line, use the diameter is 2.0 mm to 4.0mm wire, if it is PVC-coated metal wire woven hexagonal, the outside diameter ranges from 3.0mm to 4.5mm of PVC (metal) wire. line the edge of the frame than the hexagonal line thickness using a line number. 

Five twist gabion weaving: Five Screw galvanized wire gabion is a molding production, in addition to the cover, but between side panels, side panels, and floor indivisible. Length / width tolerance (± 5%) height tolerance (± 10%), internal partitions separated at intervals of one meter using a separate unit. 

Reinforced gabion cages using assembly methods, cover, side panels, side panels, floor alone produce assembled into cages, each part bundled with spiral wire winding, wire cages all the edges are made of thick wire reinforced gabion strength .





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