Product Name:10% zinc and aluminum gabion

10% zinc and aluminum gabion internationally in recent years, emerging as a material widely used alternative to the traditional pure zinc coating of the new coating. Experiments show that the corrosion resistance is more than three times that of traditional pure zinc coating, which is increasingly widespread attention, and now American and European countries are now using 10% zinc aluminum cages (gabion) instead of the traditional pure zinc layer of stone gabion cages. I produced using a zinc-aluminum alloy steel wire woven into a mesh rectangular cages, around 70-80 years of its life, is three times that of ordinary galvanized steel wire layer, and zinc-aluminum alloy wire line with national standards: GB / T 20492-2006. 

10% zinc and aluminum gabion material: 10% zinc-aluminum alloy wire 

Coating aluminum content of 10% of the time, the amount of corrosion of 5g / m / year. The aluminum content continues to rise, but increased the amount of corrosion, aluminum content has to reach 40% of the time, that she reached 5g / m / year. Thus, the anti-corrosion ability and economic point of view, the use of a 10% zinc aluminum alloy steel is most suitable. 

10% zinc and aluminum gabion weaving method: 

I produced a 10% zinc-aluminum alloy gabion using the advanced machinery and equipment, woven from twisted hexagonal wire mesh, wire diameters up to 2.00M-4.00MM. To improve the structural strength of cages, each cage at an average interval of 1M do a spacer. And the gabion weaving process, the diameter of the edge stranded wire diameter than the weft double thick filament yarn of a number of specifications in order to improve the robustness of mesh. 

10% zinc and aluminum gabion features: 

* 10% zinc aluminum galvanized steel corrosion resistance of about 2.5 - 3 times the wire 

* Galvanized steel wire changes over time due to oxidation of the surface gradually becomes gray; 10% zinc-aluminum alloy wire change over time, gradually turned black due to oxidation of the surface 

* Economy. Just a stone into the gabions and seal it. 

* Construction is simple, no special techniques. 

* There is a strong withstand natural damage and corrosion and resistance to adverse climate impacts ability. 

* Silt between the stones is conducive to plant production, can be fused with the surrounding natural environment as a whole. 

10% zinc and aluminum gabion purposes: 

Construction site filled with stone-assemble to form flexible, permeable, retaining the overall structure for ecological protection projects. If the environmental conditions are relatively poor, pollution is serious, the surface can be coated wire (PVC), so the 10% zinc-aluminum alloy gabion widely used in ports engineering, control and guide the river and flood, flood dam and diversion dam, Bridge protection, solid soil structure and waterfront defense project.