Product Name:Welded wire gabion

Welded wire gabion stone known as welded wire mesh cage. Tie wire with spiral welded after the front and rear panels, floor and bulkhead assembly After compression, and net cover packaged together. Folding lashing good all gabion products, are a separate entity.

Welded wire gabion high quality low carbon steel wire, in strict accordance with BS1052: 1986 standard by the automated, precise, and accurate discharge welding process forming machinery and equipment, the use of electro-galvanized, hot galvanized, coated, dip or other processes where Gore the surface passivation, plastic handle. 

Welded wire gabion material: high quality low carbon steel wire, galvanized steel wire, galvanized wire. 

Welded Gabion advantages: 

1 welded wire gabion mesh neatly smooth surface, uniform mesh, solder firm, the firm has a strong resistance, corrosion resistance, permeability and integrity and so on. 

2 welded wire gabion low cost, easy to install, decorative courtyard ideal slope greening. 

3 welded wire gabion has a strong withstand natural damage and resistance to adverse climate impacts capabilities. 

4 welded wire gabion very good tensile capacity. 

5 welded gabion site installation simple and convenient and aesthetically pleasing structure, saving time and labor, high working efficiency. 

6 welded wire gabion installation work to save 40% than the hexagonal gabion. Compared with hexagonal gabion, welded gabion can better maintain the "cage": When the filler is filled, welded wire mesh panel is not convex not concave, keeping the plane, not the same as the hexagonal gabion drum up, so you can better connect with the wall to form a whole or with other gabion. 

Welded Gabion purposes: 

1. landscaping, used as a retaining wall, urban landscape and park landscape. 

2 in salt or high pollution environment, where the process can be Gore welded gabion. 

3 loading or natural pebble stone gabion in the welding together of protection highways, slope, roadway, bridge and so on. 

4 welded wire reinforcement gabion widely used earth or soil desertification, etc., slope protection, the river, coastal protection, reservoirs, canals and pipelines refurbishing, rock fracture protection, bridge protection, protective nets.