Product Name:Heavy hexagonal

Heavy hexagonal, it is generally called gabion, gabion mesh, also known as hanging net, stopped stone nets, mountain protective net. Heavy hexagonal wire with high-quality machine twist and weaving twisted hexagonal wire mesh grid. Heavy hexagonal versatile: can be used for slope support, hanging on the rock face of the mountain shotcrete slope planting greenery, railway highway isolation fence, it also made gabions (cages), stone mat (cages ), for rivers, dams and seawalls and erosion prevention reservoirs, rivers closure by stoning cages. Consider not only the design is easy to install, and also in consideration of such as a cliff rough terrain to achieve this mounting, i.e. with a minimum amount and the amount of excavation anchor to achieve the most rapid and easy construction and installation. Based on the characteristics fence twisted structure, even in the case of wire breakage is also able to withstand the impact of falling rocks.