Product Name:High-strength steel mesh

High-strength steel reinforced concrete means and prestressed concrete steel, its circular cross section, sometimes a square with rounded corners. Including light round steel, ribbed steel, twisting steel. 

Reinforced concrete with steel refers to straight or reinforced concrete reinforced with steel plate strip, its shape into round bar and two deformed bars, delivery status for round two straight bar and plate. 

Round bar is actually an ordinary low-carbon steel plate small round and round. Deformed steel reinforced ribbed surface, usually with two longitudinal ribs and evenly distributed along the length of the transverse ribs. 

The shape of the cross ribs helical, herringbone, crescent-shaped three kinds. 

With a nominal diameter of a few millimeters. Deformed bar is equivalent to the nominal diameter of the cross section of light round steel bars and other nominal diameter. 

Reinforcement of 6-50 mm nominal diameter is recommended for 8,12,16,20,25,32,40 mm in diameter. Steel: 20MnSi, 20MnV, 25MnV, 25MnSi, BS20MnSi. The main reinforcement in the concrete tensile stress. 

Since the role of the ribs of the deformed bar and concrete have a greater bonding capacity, which can better withstand the external force. Steel is widely used in various building structures, especially for large, heavy, light and thin-walled high-rise building structures.





The former: mesh wire
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