Product Name: mesh wire

Building high-quality low-carbon steel wire steel mesh, stainless steel wire with a cold-rolled or cold-rolled ribbed steel round bar at right angles to the vertical and horizontal, and at a certain pitch will all cross electric welded together. 

Construction steel mesh into: 

Hot galvanized, electro-galvanized, PVC coated, dip, special welded wire mesh. 


Mainly used for bridges, highways, tunnels back cover plate, top floor, subway culverts, plant engineering, dam, port, river bank protection wall, airport runways and other types of reinforced concrete structures. 


Products with welding firm, prestressed strong, strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance; more to improve project quality, simplify construction two times shorten the construction period, save steel 33%, reduce the cost of 30%, 75% increase efficacy and other characteristics.