Product Name:Steel mesh machine


Steel mesh machine is specialized in producing steel mesh machine machine, wire mesh machine factory production. 

Steel mesh, also known as: welded steel mesh, welded steel, welded steel mesh, welded steel mesh, steel mesh, and so is the longitudinal reinforcement and transverse reinforcement were arranged with a certain distance and at right angles to each other, all cross points are welded. mesh together. 

Technical rules of order, welded mesh should adopt CRB550 grade cold-rolled ribbed steel production, may also CRB510 level drawing smooth steel production. One should adopt the same type of welded steel welded. Welded mesh according to the shape, size and customization into two kinds of stereotypes. Stereotypes in both directions welded steel spacing and diameter can be different, but reinforced in the same direction, should have the same diameter, spacing and length, has been in the relevant standards, regulations makes provision. Custom welded shapes, sizes should be based on the design and construction requirements, combined with the specific project circumstances, negotiated by both parties. 

Welded steel diameter 4-14mm, which can be used to upgrade 0.5mm diameter. Consider transportation conditions, welded mesh length should not exceed 12m, width should not exceed 3.4m. Welded steel production direction (or longitudinal reinforcement) spacing appropriate for the 100,150,200mm, another direction of reinforcement spacing is generally 100,150,200,300mm, sometimes up to 400mm. When welded to the vertical and horizontal steel reinforcement are single, thin steel bars should not be less than the nominal diameter thick reinforced 0.6 times the nominal diameter, that dmin≥0.6damx. Welded joints shear force (in N) should not be less than 150 reinforced with thicker nominal cross-sectional area (in mm2) of the product.

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