Product Name:Kraal Machine


Kraal net weaving machine is mainly based around the bullpen network and serial chip-type bullpen network, its main feature is to prevent cattle, sheep, horses, rabbits, jumping around channeling some grassland livestock to demarcation of the border. According to the network by its appearance known as: prairie net, net bullpen, grassland fence, grassland bullpen net, barbed wire, fence, fence and so on. 

Bullpen network features: 

The product is novel structure, strong precision, flat surface, mesh uniform, strong integrity, toughness, not together, non-slip, compression and other characteristics are widely used: the zoo fence, construction site fences, captive poultry, green slope, garden green nets, safari, grassland, pasture fencing and other places in captivity grazing, especially applied to pasture fence project, for the realization of rotational grazing, pasture protection, can play a very important role, but also can be used for rare flowers, forests, planting Park isolation protection. 

Bullpen network machine main features: 

Research and development and production of exclusive wraparound prairie bullpen network machine, this machine uses CNC automatic control box, the coordination of the various components, smooth movement, flexible and reliable operation is currently the only production automation my wraparound grassland fence net equipment.