Product Name:Wire transfer machine


Tone silk machine safety rules:

1 items are not allowed to pile up on the machine to prevent the body falling into mechanical vibrations.

2 rack, trough should be installed straight alignment of the guide tube, and under the knife straight centerline adjustment holes.

3. Rotate the flywheel, check the drive mechanism and the working device, adjust the gap, tightening bolts, after confirming normal start idling, check the bearings should be no abnormal sound, good gear, to be operating normally before operation.

4. By straightening rebar diameter, choose the appropriate straightening block and transmission speed. After commissioning qualified before feeding.

5. In straightening block is not fixed, the front hood is not covered not feeding. Do not open the job ministries shield and adjust the gap.

6. When the steel into the hand and drag wheel must maintain a certain distance, not close.

7. Before feeding the material should not head straight cut, the guide tube should be installed before a 1m long steel pipe, steel pipe must first pass through the front straight and then into the guide hole.

8 reinforcing bars until the end, the operator must avoid to prevent swinging wounding.

9 shorter than 2 meters or greater than 9 mm in diameter rebar straightening should be low-speed processing.

10. operations, should release the tune straight straightening block and back to the original position, while the spring preload must return.

The former:Chain Link Fence Machine
The latter:Kraal Machine