Product Name:Chain Link Fence Machine


Chain Link Fence Machine nickname diamond mesh machine according to their appearance and use, due to different country called, also known as active network machines, metal (iron) wire mesh weaving machines, conveyor belt machine, slope protection network machines, Mine Support different names mesh machine, anchor mesh machines. 

Chain Link Fence Machine is a kind of low-carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, PVC wire, plastic coated wire crochet from chain link fence, with a mesh uniform, flat surface, elegant, web-width adjustable wire diameter thickness adjustable, easy to corrosion and long life, weaving simple, beautiful and practical features. 

Automatic monofilament hook appear Fence Machine is the chain link fence automated production of a great innovation, the use of automatic mechanical wear monofilament nets, automatic volume catcher net, save a lot of manpower, the overall mechanical properties of stable, high production efficiency that chain link fence production has entered a substantive automation era.

The former:Gabion Machine
The latter:Wire transfer machine