• How to determine the quality of the appearance of the fence
  • Author:tonghao Date:2014-09-23 09:41:25Heat:
  • With the process of social industrialization fence undergone a process of rapid development, people see a bright future fence, both have switched to fence the market, resulting in an increasingly competitive incandescent technology, some small production workshops or shell companies also want to grab a share of this wave. Due to the small workshop is not competitive, it can only compete on price, while the price of raw materials is the same, they can only cut corners, shoddy to sell the product, but also the normal order of market completely Fence disrupted. In order to allow consumers do not be fooled, as we explain below, I judge the quality of the fence from the appearance of the network. 

    1 color, surface shiny, shiny, uniform layer dip no bubbles, no concavity, which is characterized by a high fence surface network. 

    2 colors, black hair, not shiny, uneven layer dip, or a foreign body is not up to the quality of the performance. 

    3 surface with a tool pull plastic powder, plastic powder pulled if a sufficiently long description of good quality. If you pull that off easily explained fence surface cracking, poor quality.