• How to choose quality fence products
  • Author:tonghao Date:2014-09-23 10:27:11Heat:
  • First, we look at the mesh fence is how often mesh welded wire made by different specifications, the diameter and strength of the wire mesh directly affect the quality of the wire should be chosen by the terms of the election regular manufacturers of high-quality wire rod to pull out of the finished wire; followed by welding or the preparation process of the mesh, this area is mainly to see skilled technical and operational capacity and technical personnel with good production machinery between the mesh is usually good each point can be welded or prepare a good connection. Fence some regular production companies, including the use of automatic welding machine to produce, and is used together with a small factory manual welding, often difficult Yasumasa quality. 

    The second thing to note is: Fence framework of choice, some manufacturers are using angle with the regular round, but in different parts of the choice of angles and round should also be different. 

    Third, the overall grasp of the fence spray process, in general, should pay attention to the product's overall level of spray evenly, there is the quality of the paint is also crucial.